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Kids Programs

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A Friend in Me is an 8 week program consists of 8 one hour and 15 minutes sessions.

Course: Kids Programs 8 weeks – 1 1/4 hour sessions.

A Friend in Me: Adventures in Kindness, Empathy and Resilience for Kids

This 8-week program is designed for kids age 7-11. This skill-building program utilizes a combination of age-appropriate exercises – mindfulness, yoga/mindful movement, art, meditation practices and multimedia – to cultivate kindness, encourage insight, build skills of self-awareness and empathy, strengthen the capacity for greater emotional regulation and stronger emotional resilience. Focused attention and sustained concentration are just a few of the benefits of mindfulness. Kids can easily experience what is commonly known as “monkey mind,” a mind that jumps around, and is continually distracted by thoughts and ruminations about the past and future. Neuroscience research provides strong evidence that when practiced, mindfulness can help to calm the mind and body, alter the structure and function of the brain/pre-frontal cortex, and promote a greater sense of wellbeing. One of the pre-teens stated, “I may not always understand my feelings, but I know if I name it, I can tame it.” “I can choose what is important to pay attention to and can focus better when I need to.” By building the capacity to become more self-aware, kids develop greater resilience and emotional strength in the face of adversity. Mindfulness and self-kindness help to cultivate the skills to respond with greater kindness and generosity to the needs of others as well as their own.